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  1. ‘Cleaning time ‘- a short BC Photonovel:

    Photo 1: We discover the BC dusting around the house.
    2: She takes a short coffee break ” I needed that drink.”
    3: ” Back to the job now “, says the BC looking refreshed.
    4: The BC then looked perplexed ” Did anyone see where I left that cloth? I need it!”
    5: The BC beckons Fans to assist ” Come assist me. If I don’t finish cleaning, we’ll have no time to photoshoot later, will we!”
    6: We see a few shots of the BC in her pants, bending, squatting, looking. Where is her cloth?
    7: “There it is”, she exclaims, looking relieved.
    8 “Any ideas how I can stop misplacing my cloth?” she asks Fans.
    9 “I have a very good idea,” she says, starting to remove her clothes.

  2. 10: Completely naked, we see the BC’s hand putting the cloth firmly between her butt cheeks.
    11: “What do you think, ” she asks, continuing her cleaning duties.
    12: “Won’t misplace it again, will I, ” she smiles, duster safe between her bottom.

    – The story concludes with a few shots of the cloth dangling from the BC’s bottom.

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