Donate to help improve the Bikini Czar material

Donations are just that not a means to get us to send merchandise. All donated funds will be used for road trips. When enough is there to pay for rooms and transportation we will do another trip. The last trip to the desert outside Las Vegas ran just under $500.  And we shot about 13,000 pictures on this road trip.

4 Replies to “Donate to help improve the Bikini Czar material”

  1. hi, i’d like to donate to this lovely lady in Bitcoin, do you have an address ?

    if you’re new to it, go to and download a simple wallet, ( eg; electrum ), and post an address/QR code on your site to accept donations…

  2. I would love to donate to your site, BC, because I believe artists should support one another. This particular site seems incomplete. Where do patrons donate, and are there any perks?

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