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  1. Was fabulous idea to stand on a chair
    Perfect position for up shooting. How about a squatting session with cameras way down below pointing up? I’ll leave the rest to the imagination 😉

  2. Wash time- A short BC PhotoNovel:

    Photo 1: We see the BC naked , bar thongs.
    2: Bc looking thoughtful- “Hmmm, what can I wash this evening?”
    3: She looks down at the thongs ” How about these?”
    4: Slipping out of (pref web thongs) ” They must smell?”
    5: Holding thongs to face ” Ooh, they smell bad!”
    6: We see inside of smeary thongs . The BC points at it ” Look”!
    7: ” I can’t have this!” she exclaims. “What will think of me in public if I wear smelly undies?”
    8: She gathers the essentials for washing including washing liquid, & a bowl on the floor.
    9: Scrubbing away ” I can’t believe I wore these dirty thongs! Will Fans turn me off now!?”
    10: We see a few shots of the BC hanging the thongs to dry ” There, that’s better.,” she says with that wry smile.

    I enjoy penning these little ditties , all I hope will involve very little props/resources . I love seeing your acting/expressive talents which I hope this allows.

  3. I think the idea of modelling male clothes is both original & exciting & there are many themes within the genre.

    Knowing how Bill loved originality, I think he’d love to incorporate this originality into the photographic medium. If his wardrobe is still available I think it’d be a lasting testimonial to his legacy if some of his items were used in a shoot.

    I don’t think it matters if it’s out of context- Salvador Dali’s art was out of context, but it worked creating their own realities.

    There is so much scope for originality here- how about men’s shoes combined with a bikini or a men’s trouser belt? Could also be so original it’d be funny.

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