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  1. We are introduced to CeeFee, the Bikini Czar’s bis*xual cousin.
    A short photonovel starring the Bikini Czar as CeeFee. A bit autobiographical.

    Photo 1: We Meet CeeFee, thonged holding men’s shoes. “I’m CeeFee.”

    2: Gripping shoelace between her teeth, almost a snarling expression.

    3: CeeFee sits on a chair tying the laces.

    4: Camera gives us a rear view of CeeFee sitting on the chair leaning forward exposing her thonged bottom.

    5: Wearing the shoes “I’ve always loved menswear. It becomes me.”

    6: Lying on her back, legs vertical .Looking down, we see the soles of the shoes “You like?”

    7: We look up at an aggressive looking CeeFee “You like me to step on you?”

    8: “Do they suit my style” asks CeeFee, looking over her shoulder.

    9: “You’re looking at me like I’m a Tomboy, ” asserts CeeFee.

    10: “Return tomorrow & I’ll model another- going to male though!” she says relaxing on a chair.

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