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  1. QIntroduction to Picassa, Picasso’s Great Niece. A photonovel starring The Bikini Czar.
    Won’t introduce the great lady. Her behaviour speaks for itself.

    Photo 1: We see the great Artist Picassa standing proud wearing nothing but cape, brush and Beret.

    2: Her features are somewhat masculine and the moustache is pristine. What gives away the femininity is the Breasts and sharply trimmed pussy .

    3: She introduces herself ” I am da Picassa. I no speaka da English. ”

    4: Holding a paintbrush between her teeth. She beckons us.

    5:Standing in front of canvas, legendary Picassa continues “I am artist, and woman of many talent. ”

    6: Picassa sits on a chair, legs splayed “You like? ”

    7: “Tomorrow you get first lesson, ” says Picassa, holding a paintbrush close to her brush.

    8: We look upwards towards Picassa’s butt hanging over the back of the chair.

    9: “Why you looking at butt. You Perv. You no want Picassa’s art talent. Bastards, ” says Picassa angrily.

    10: Picassa holds paintbrush towards camera ” Come back tomorrow for 1st lesson, but you no see ass, okay. I’m Picassa, Artist. You bad boy 😊”

  2. Simple as it may be, I appreciate you standing on the chair- it’s a pose we’ve not seen.

    Good ideas needn’t be complex- the basic idea of you wearing a male shirt with a chair as prop is original. There’s something about male clothes on a female body that ironically makes you exude femininity. I think it has to be the contrast against female qualities?

    The Chaplin & Picassa Characters I’m developing are male but with female names & qualities.

  3. We missed you so much over Christmas . Really looking forward to 2019. If your rumoured site becomes reality, it’ll be a year to remember.

    I’don’t like to see things becoming more interactive with contributions from from Fans.

    1. Thanks so much.

      Hope you won’t mind my asking the question on all our minds at this time of year? Is there a possibility the new site will materialise at some stage in the New Year? And if so, can we help in any way?

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