4 Replies to “Jean shorts 20”

  1. Looking a little apprehensive about eating this little gem & it doesn’t taste so nice after all? On the other hand you could be waiting for it to melt to really enjoy the flavour?

    If we shoot a similar sequence would be good using something that melts easier or at least gets messier. ?

  2. Great the BZ Fan community is seeming more interactive, exchanging ideas & exploring originality. Part of the reason for this happening could be BZs absence for a few months,having the overall effect of making everyone long for the BZs return, making her more appreciated.

    Fans anticipated the future making do with archives, but I’m sure I echo consensus opinion in saying fresher stuff is better

  3. Joyce, I love it when you get a little silly during your photoshoots. Would you be offended if I told you some of my fantasies.

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