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  1. Another great shot in this fine series. Each photo has been different offering variety to your audience.
    Your prop, small as it was added much surprise and intrigue.

    Some will be disgusted you’re tasting it after where it’s been! I’m not one of them by the way! ?

    Now off to do my homework ?

  2. MMMM I can see that tastes good being near all that ass juice. Perhaps it shoulda been left up there a bit longer to marinate? I hope you make a meal of it when you chew , then swallow it. We saw it stuck just over your dirty arsehole after all!

    Bet Fans are wishing for more eaties, sweeties or fruit series. A nice ripe juicy Pear, Apple or Orange sliced into quarters would fit snugly deep between your Peachy buttocks before you eat it! A Cherry could also be interesting as you – or your Photographer can pull it out by it’s stalk!

  3. I must also confess to being somewhat intrigued by whether or not you’re using a new ‘snapper’, and the story behind that…that and/or more about Admo’s ‘homework’ x

    1. Part of the fascination is what we don’t know Ron. More we know, more I realise what I don’t know!

      My guess is we’ve a new ‘Snapper’. Fab as Oldecams work was, we are witnessing a unique style now.

    2. Whoever the Photographer/s are are doing a great job, not just in doubling so well with the BC, but the standard, candidness, variations & choice of photographs being posted are second to none- it shows remarkable originality. Would be great to know, as Ron said, the story behind his appointment at some stage.

      A stalked Cherry in the Butthole would be another showstopper- at least we’d be aware it isn’t a Tampax?

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