12 Replies to “Shower fun 43”

  1. Such a beautiful full moon! Not sure if I want to kiss it or squeeze it😊 maybe you’ll keep it up and reveal even more of your rear?

  2. Thanks for such a great series! Hope for more longer ones like this, filled with lots of great booty shots! Keep up the great work!!!

    1. Quite agree. The BC really has braved the critics by baring her beautiful bottom so brazenly. Some may be disappointed we didn’t get closer to the anus but this may have been difficult within the shower setting.

      Personally I prefer bigger bottoms from any angle and I hope your photographer will include a couple of rear views in future topless series.

      We aren’t getting the quantity we enjoyed in Oldecam’s era but certainly the quantity.

  3. Great Kardasian style poses & plenty of them to enjoy. Incredible how your ass seems far larger in the set which is true Kardasian.

  4. Been a fine series not only for the variety- butt plugs etc involved but it seems your loyal fan base is more responsive and loving every minute.

  5. Interesting you and Oldecam once stated you’d never do porn? These dys you adopt poses that could make Lovelace blush.

    Your risqué work has included showing your wonderful anus and inserting vegetables and fruit into your pussy.

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