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  1. Nice seeing some breast in the Yoga pants.

    A new series and new character-

    ‘Picassa the Painter’, another male character for you to play. Preparation will only mean a curly penned moustache & an Artist’s Beret, should you have one? Picassa’s personality can be a bit Niki who tries to be a serious Artist, then ends up improvising with whatever she finds, which may be a handy squashy Marrow, banana, tub of jam, but Picassa gets more on herself than the canvas.

    I think it’s a fun idea & you’ll be a convincing toulouse lautrec.

  2. New fun idea-
    ‘BC Dare’:-
    Fans make ideas for Bikini Czar dares? Most of the ideas, I imagine, will be a little daring and more about the BC’s aptitude in participating. Some of the ideas may involve a BC character? The stories can be as long or as short as you please, depending on Fans’ response?

    Dare 1: BC is dared to have a ice cube between her butt.

    Dare2: Picassa holds a paint brush between her teeth, then gets bored & puts it between her butt, before getting a little arty.

    Dare 3: Xmas choc- a little Christmas story. We see Grandma gratefully opening and eating a box of chocs from a family member, before she prefers a couple in her hungry pussy.

    They needn’t be outrageous. Fans may have other ideas?

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