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  1. Grandma Cee J tries her luck at rapping :

    “Hi there all, it’s been a while!
    But mah ain’t lost patter and ain’t lost style.

    I know I’m old but ain’t no quitter
    Rest assured I won’t be bitter 😆

    Chorus: it’s a CeeJ rap.It’s a CeeJ rap.

    My talents are fa all ta see
    Ah sing along in 2 or more keys.

    ‘Grandma’ Cee J, you can say
    Whos ageless body won’t decay!
    I swing da hips like Elvis do
    Ah aam de Guvnor of da kini crew.

    Chorus :

    Ah ain’t no Mutton dressing as lamb
    I’m just as strong as a Rapper man!

    Mah ass is gud as you see
    And mah breasts ain’t hanging to ma knee!

    Chorus :

    How dare yaall say I’m all gone
    Am fitter now aal prove yaall wrong!

    So cum on boys, come rap wid me
    Ah am Cee J, your s*xy Granny 😺

  2. I’d like to see 2019 become a year we go more interactive. I’d like seeing other fans pen and few bc scenarios that aren’t too prurient. Overkill wouldn’t work . I’ve always deemed the bikini czar more subtle.

  3. Some of the photos from the earlier archives are now unavailable. I guess the original idea of the new site was to use up some of the more risqué work from Oldcames vault

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