5 Replies to “Merry Christmas 9”

  1. With the New year finally here I’ve been pondering on ideas for new rear shoots.

    I think most Fans loved your Malted milk ball series last November. What made it interesting & funny , apart from having to guess the strange object , was how you eventually removed it and enjoyed eating it.

    More guessing games would be fun, where we see you hiding a secret object in your hands before placing it between your butt cheeks (over the arsehole ). A few shots of the object from various positions could then follow before you remove it. If it happens to be edible, it would make sense to eat it. Items to be hidden could include – a quarter coin, a piece or stick of chewing gum (chewed or unchewed) or even a piece of your favourite chocolate candy? Other more exotic items could include a flower, or a piece of your favourite jewellery?

    For valentines Dy next month it a love heart would be apt. The idea could be augmented with a pair of thongs covering the items hidden in the buttocks before you remove them.

    Please tell us if you’ve any more ambitious shoots in mind.

    Thank you, Joyce.

  2. Dear Santa,
    I have been good this year. What I want is to see Joyce going full Kardashian in a future set. Thank you very much!

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