New site in the works

There's a new site in the works! Besides I am in the process of creating an additional site for content you've been asking for which was too much for public domains.  Through the years, Oldecam had searched for sites where we retained rights without giving up the motherlode. After meeting with developers the past couple weeks about new content, I am happy to bring the news to you.  Updated info will be on this site and will disappear but with longer lasting staypower than snapchat. It's a crazy next month but I'm more excited than ever about the new developments. For a glimpse, think daily themes and more characters. No looking back...moving forward. xox, bc Flag shawl 11

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  1. Fabulous news & thanks very much for getting things to move forward. I think you needed time to consolidate things. I adore the idea of new characters & if I’m needed to pen short, realistic scenarios/stories for them, perhaps as photo novels, I’ll be glad to oblige.

    Hope you enjoy developing the new stuff as much as we enjoy viewing it.

  2. Can I ask if you’ll be shooting new stuff in addition to using archive material? I hope so- blending old with the new adds variety, but at the same time the new themes sounds awesome .

    Busy time for the site, thanks.

  3. I know you doubled with other models in your college years; would you consider an occasional photoshoot with another model in future work?

    I always found the interaction between yourself & Oldecam exciting , enhancing the set. I recall a later set where your bikini thong was pulled slightly revealing the inside of the bikini. You wore that crazy hat which made it funny as well.

    I have modelling ideas for scenarios with a fellow model in addition to solo projects, but things sound like they’re progressing well without input from a mere Fan such as myself. Great stuff.

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