4 Replies to “Yoga pants 6”

  1. Once again, I am confused by your position. Would you like me to caress your lovely cheeks or spank your magnificent bottom?

  2. For lovers of big bottoms, I’m sure this photo & set will be a Fan favourite

    I’d like to see competitions when your new site starts.

    think my idea is plausible: you wear an Fan favourite thong or item of clothing while concealing a small item underneath. The only clue we’d get is the outline of the said object compressed against the clothing & between your butt. It could be a Seasonal item- ie a little Santa, or something more obscure such as a coin- Dime/nickle. A really easy one would be an item of fruit.

    I just wondered how fellow Fans felt

    How is the new site coming on, by the way? Will you give an update before Christmas?

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