4 Replies to “Squeeze 2”

  1. Wow that’s quite a squeeze- more a pinch!

    Maybe a little juice will ooze? Been a while since I saw a nipple orgasm!

    How is your facial expression on such a tight pinch!

  2. Not quite sure if you’re still in shorts here. Be interesting to see as the series opens up.

    Just a couple of ideas for Christmas/New Year even though I’m certain you’re not short of ideas:

    1)Xmas Indulgence- A nude/stripping eating series where you try some Seasonal cuisine ie Cranberry sauce, chocolate, Mince pies etc; some spills over onto your lips & breast perhaps.

    2)Bottom fillers- As you’ve a talented bottom, you reward it by trying a few Seasonal items between the bumcheeks; a few that come to mind: Toy miniature Snowman, chocolate Liqueur,Whipped cream & my favourite must be a serviette . Not all at the same time I might add.More that one bottom can accommodate.

    3) Nutcracker- You discover you’ve no nutcracker in the House & decide (surprise surprise) to use your butt to crack a Walnut or such. I think it’d be quite an exciting shoot concentrating on the nutcracking butt & the endeavour on the face.

    4) Grapefruit – your butt will make a fine Grapefruit/ Orange squeezer also.

    You weren’t around last Christmas so I hope you can party this one!

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