6 Replies to “Shower fun 5”

  1. Wow…this looks so new & therefore almost overwhemingly exciting…u look sensational as ever Joyce (i need u in my life)…can’t wait to see what u do next…W(*)W x

  2. Will it be ‘art’, ‘glamour’ or ‘naughty’…i imagine is the question flying through everyone’s minds…starting of course, with yours (as well as the photographers, presumably…wish it was me!

  3. As we’ve had a lack of rear views it would be great having an exclusively posterior set to feast our eyes upon with a few surprises. More arsehole please!

  4. On the subject of bottoms, hope you’ll not object to a request for a rear view standing shot focusing between the legs.

    Although you’re very clean shaven, there may be a little tuffet of pussy hair you missed between the legs otherwise known as bumfluff.

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