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    1. I imagine very tricky to shoot rears with any degree of nuance, by yourself.

      There are many benefits in selfis but many more in having your own Photographer- a creative Photographer can sculpture the subject, wait for facial apprehension to drop, direct the situation.

      Shooting rears puts a Photographer at a vantage point out of bounds, sight and awareness of his model.

      1. True. I just love the lighting in this set, and would love to see her rear in it. But I imagine it wouldn’t be the easiest to photograph

  1. Don’t know the reason why, but I really like this picture look in your eyes,the expression on your face, position you are in, how the lighting hits your breast, or a mix of all it. I have a pretty good I idea of your real age this picture makes look a lot younger. love it best when you are being really naughty. but for the more of an artistic pics goes this is one of the best.

  2. I concur- gorgeous shot. I love the skin tones blended with the yellowy brown Pinewood background.

    I wonder what camera you’re using? My guess is a mobile phone. Wouldn’t you think that the condensation would steam up the lens? Somehow it hasn’t. Crystal clear.

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