Rapidly finding out soical media does not work

From the various BC social media sites been asking questions. So far one 1 response from over 7,000 members. Plus virtually none cross platform or come here.

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  1. If you ever get it all figured out Please, Please post it. I have probably 3 or 4 thousand subscribers on one of my youtube accounts. I also have several other youtube accounts a couple of dailymotion accounts twitter, myspace, and now two zippcast accounts. I have been trying to get my subscribers to help me to figure out what to do next. None of this stuff is working right now. I even had a facebook account at one time and was one of your contacts, but that was the worse social platform of all for me. I am now researching what it would take to have a succesfull VLOG. I was pretty happy with the old youtube but that went down the themtube.

    1. We have found that you can’t get people to migrate from one social media to another. With the impending death of youtube and the narrowing of what can be put up on dailymotion soon only those sites that can carry their own videos will still be standing.We can put our fingers on over 7,000 members over various forms of media and only a small minority will move no matter how many times we ask.

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