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  1. Great seeing more rear views. The Yoga bottoms series offered some classic views which, from my perspective, were as exciting, if not more as your nude work.

    All your work is exciting &, for me, the most exciting shots has been those rare occasions where you’re showing us the thong, bikini, or whatever, prior to wearing it. The white floss bottom has been a good example where we saw you pulling the beauties up the leg.

    A ‘washing’ set will be wonderful where you remove undies or thongs, prior to giving them a good ol scrub to remove deep stains.

    How do others take to my idea?

  2. Bikini Czar’s first animal role . The amazin Chow Monkey! Photo novel.

    Story one Introduction to Chow Monkey.

    Props- minimal a little green body paint, lycra strip of thong.

    Photo 1 We see Joyce in character baring green forearms, lips & legs ‘The Chow Monkey is indigenous to Southern California.’

    2: It’s habitat ate the hills between LA & The Mexican border. Rear view of CM staring into hills.

    3: Part Human/part Simian, the creature wears a thin thong between it’s butt cheeks, over the anus.

    4: We see a handful of nuts & a tongue touching them: ‘It lives well on a diet of nuts.’

    5: We see the Chow Monkey bending over ‘ The species pacifies males by show them it’s bottom!’

    6: The Female enjoys scratching under it’s arms & pussy. We believe for fleas?

    7: It’s sense of awareness is astounding & it leaves at first sign of trouble.

    8: “Where’s she gone?”

    Next episode shows sign of intelligence & a Monkey shows YOU a method of cracking a nut! Stay tuned!

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