4 Replies to “MSX 19”

  1. the red upon your lips
    easily and simply, eclipses
    and devours the simple
    xmas plant, tho it would
    also appear, more interestingly perhaps..
    to some, or most, that you are also completely
    bare-assed…once again.., beautiful

  2. On the very wide topic of animals, it would be nice seeing you acting the part of one or two. By such, I mean taking on the aesthetic looks of a Zebra either in body art or a body suit.

    Seeing you play the part of a Wildcat by painting on whiskers would be fun, or a reptilian Snake, hissing your way around the yard.

    The icing on the cake could be a ‘Monkey’ series where you incorporate a few simian traits into the character – squawking, eating nuts while giving the camera a few good flashes of anus in order to pacify any passing males!

    I’d love to write for you around the subject,

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