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  1. I wonder if the new site will feature any competitions, or dares, between the characters; maybe with a forfeit for the loser…we could even vote!?

    1. I rather like the idea of one of Joyce’s new model creations competing for the title of ‘Superslut ‘.

      There are different heats beginning with established Slut Niki and New Gal on de block Loud Lia, known for her noisy tongue and outrageous antics , peeing in a bottle in the yard. Lia wins by a mile , as Niki just can’t aim and pisses on the Lawn causing dead patches . The BC is outraged.

      Niki attempts to blame Montibubbles but a Neighbour witnesses the competition. We see the BC show mercy as she asks Niki to decide her own punishment. The kinky Bitch asks for a spanking and the male Neighbours David and Jim gladly oblige by delivering firm strokes with sadistic palms. (The spanking session can be told in a future series as we witness Nikis bottom turning red from Daves hand ).

      Do any other Fans have ideas for the next heats in this fabulous competition?

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