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  1. Introducing naughty Po Pee, the Bikini Czar’s naughty Niece.

    You may recall a couple of years back, Oldecam mentioning some of the BC’s Swimsuits being borrowed, some of which were never returned. It was around the time younger family members were staying in the residence.

    Enter Po Pee, now a young lady of 19 beginning her career in professional modelling and once again the BC is allowing Po the opportunity to stay in the BC household for studious purposes, learning beauty therapy, how to walk like a model, how to become a professional model and, above all, how to enhance her modelling career under the watchful expertise of the BC and fellow models.

    There is, however a darker side of Po. It has been said she has a resentment and deep envy of her Aunt Joyce that has bordered on jealousy. Despite this, the BC has a fondness of Po and promised her Mother she’d help her become a success in the highly competitive arena of glamour modelling.

    Can the BC household survive Po Pee?

    She makes Auntie Joyce a coffee which has a most odd aroma. Hmmm!

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