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  1. One of the fun factors of this site is being able to interact with the BC World & fellow Fans.
    Hope the new site will allow this also.

    The Daily Themes sounds very interesting & please continue the occasional food theme eating , chewing, wedging them between your buttocks & other general silliness.

    Hope, also you allow us more than just one photo per page.

    Smaller fruits are easier between the butt cheex:

    Grape cookery lesson:

    The BC likes Grapes &, being the sophisticated Cook she is, decides to marinate 3 between her gorgeous buttocks.
    Her Photographer assists, carefully placing 3 succulent Grapes at equal spaces between the BC’s Butt Cheeks.

    “Hey, push them in a little deeper, Photographer. If they’re to marinate properly, we have to give them a good 5 minutes cooking!”

    The Photographer obliges, gently easing in each Grape a little deeper.

    The BC continues moving around the kitchen, preparing lunch & feeding Montie , while carefully managing to keep the Grapes well within the concave safety of her Buttocks .

    10 minutes later:
    “They should be about ready now , exclaims the BC”.

    Without being told, the Photographer begins remove the Grapes to a plate.

    “Hey, wadda you think you’re doin?” says BC to Photographer. “Did I request you remove them? Puddem back in”

    A few seconds later she begins removing a Grape at a time, popping them in her mouth, chewing and belching on her supermarinated Grapes.

    ” I enjoy them straight from the oven,” she grins.

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