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  1. I see a story developing here. Be nice to have more than one shot of you , like a photonovel serial , with part 2 following part one. Your narrating is always original & gives (in my opinion) the photos more depth.

    Much as I like you in shoes ( esp plimsolls) seeing your bare feet is exciting as it makes you appear that bit more nude.

  2. Some themes:

    -: ‘Fongs!’- a silly series which emphasises a thong; We see you stretching and looking at them with a caption “Makes em easier to wear.” The set then becomes a little crazy as you wear them like a hat on your head. You eventually wear them.

    -: ‘Squint!’ a mainly bottom series with butt shots squinting & other expressions.

    -: Chocky – a mainly chocolate theme where you enjoy a bar or two of chocolate. Things get slightly out of hand when a peice becomes stuck between your buttocks. You try to remove it but when it begins to melt you call for help!

    -: ‘Wash dy’ – a set where you use a washing line as the prop. You wash/rinse undies/thongs as you hang them out to line dry ” It’s mundane but has to get done!”

    -: A new lycra set while you wash the car, cook or maybe wash Montie would also be fine viewing.

    Some plausible? A few maybe not so. But all fun!

    No shortage on themes should we require more. Thanks for everything, Joyce.

  3. You’re not short of ideas, however here’s a few scenarios/situations/themes I dreamt up, a couple naughtier than others:

    – Face & bottom combos.

    -: “Sniff”! – You smell your underwear/Bikini bottom before deciding to wash then. One caption could be “This is the only way I can tell they require washing!”

  4. Theme

    ‘Squash!’ – The BC accidentally sits on on rotten Tomato, Banana or such “Oh no. My bottom’s not clean. It’s all your fault, you morons. Now I got to clean my ass again!”

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