3 Replies to “Leopard 8”

  1. Love all your topless work. I’d love to see a future shoot with you modelling black suspenders.

    There’s a pair somewhere in the confines of your wardrobes because I recall you in them on a sofa shoot in one of Bill’s sets.

    If we get round to it, a C string like the one worn in the shower would compliment the suspenders. If not a C string then maybe a small food item or even a little Santa or Snowman peeping out of your buttocks for Christmas? 💛

  2. Please consider a new Lycra shoot with preparations sometime- behind the scenes always interesting and dilutes formalities.

    Have you wanted to participate in the USAs World Naked Bike Rides ( perhaps in a bikini for modesty ) I understand they have them in LA? It’d be a great dy out with awesome photography.

    A BC ride with a guest model would also be fun. Little surpasses the sight of bare bums on saddles

    Some in the UK colour up prior to cycling off. Your time consuming ghost preparations come to mind.

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