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  1. The quality of your photographs has moved from good to excellent. I can enlarge any part of this portrait and still get a crisp, clear definition. Ive no idea what camera you’re using but the results seem professional quality.

    I recently purchased a Panasonic 4k Ultra high definition camera with an inbuilt x60 lens and the results are wonderful.

    Hope things are progressing well with your new plans. It’ll be nice if you can occasionally shoot outside on location. I know Bill liked unusual places -quarries, deserts and other unorthodox locations , at times encountering serious floods.

    Like most Fans, I really hope the new site happens and the content you predicted sounds highly creative. If, as you say, the new content Fans have been requesting is too strong for here, I’m thinking you’ll move from the erotic to the explicit and the photo above could be opened crutch or perhaps more modest in panties? ( Just using the imagination 😀)

    Thanks for a great set. Xx😊

  2. One or two of your shoots have had a hint of the masculine about them and I mean in this in the most positive sense of the word. The braces worn a couple of years back showed it subtly.

    With the talk of new and vibrant characters, I love seeing the use of body art more ( nowhere near as time consuming as the Ghost preparations ). On the contrary, body paint could be applied in a more minimalist fashion –

    One such proposal : a ‘Chaplin ‘character where a tiny moustache is drawn above your lips . A prop in the form of a stick could augment the character . A Bowler hat could spell overkill. Seeing you trying Chaplin walks would be hilarious and hopefully plausible? We could call such aseries ‘Mad Movies! ‘

    Use of art could also be applied to give you a small beard- a Bikiini Czar version of Toulouse-Lautrec.

    Just a couple of my ideas that aren’t to elaborate in terms of preparation, involve nudity and your wardrobe 😀

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