4 Replies to “Leopard 32”

  1. First wanky set since the last Shower series when you put the C String inyo your pussy
    Looks like you enjoy the occasional wanky using whatever is at hand.

    I enjoyed the banana, marrow and dildo wanking sets and hope you’ll have fun with other items.

  2. Your site is as exciting as a World Naked Bike Ride which are really taking off here in the UK. Thousands took part in the Big London one this year. In Canterbury a few prudes attempted to ban it but it went ahead anyway.

    I know you have them in your major cities in the States & it’d be great to see you on one.

    Shame our climate isn’t better- we could do it all year around.

  3. Really enjoying the series. Could we see more of you pleasuring yourself while pulling on something. It could be incorporated into your Daily Themes idea in the new site. Pullable items that come to mind:
    wearing a tie prior to using it as a pussy rub,
    Stripping pulling with removed items
    Theme: cleaning the house you use a duster as a pulley.
    Montie’s walking lead? lol

    Just a few ideas.

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