4 Replies to “Leopard 20”

  1. Uh…, Ms. Joyce…BC, I think something is beginning to slip. Not that I am complaining. What you are showing does look nice. It is something I think you should know.

  2. Omg they’re coming down again. The Leopards are such a tease n I don’t know if you want them on or off?

    On another subject, I do hope the planned new site may ring the occasional return of your naughtier Bikinis. For new blood that won’t remember them, I speaking of the crotchless variety ( one of your most expensive if I remember), the Red Teardrop (one of my personal favourites- you allowed the centre buckle to sink into your cunt in a few sets). I’d say consensus opinion would make the white floss your most popular, & smallest suit.

    An occasional bikini we’ve not seen before will also be a treat.

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