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  1. I hope I’ll be forgiven in comparing earlier photography to this newer style- both are equally enticing when it comes to portraying the eroticism within glamour. Oldecam tended to prefer more singular, static photographs within a series, making differences between shots more subtle than obvious.

    I recall the BC writing last year she was looking for a new photographer with ‘creative vision’. Judging from the excellent quality work we’ve had the pleasure of seeing over the last few weeks, I’ll doubt any fans will be disappointed. The style of moving around the subject doing lower level floor shots, close ups, facial shots while the model also changes stances, positioning & expressions makes a highly animated shoot, telling a story while leaving viewers in anticipation of what will happen next.

    Once again- compliments to the BC & photographer in making a thoughtful, exciting story.

  2. Oh, darn, I thought we were going to see a full moon in this photo. Although I have to admit, this is a nice angle.

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