5 Replies to “Jean shorts 6”

  1. This shot hopefully will go down as a BC classic when it comes to taking a new direction. These shorts aren’t exactly Hot Pants or tight fitting pussy grabbers, but the way BC pulls them here, you’d be forgiven in thinking so.

    Lady Ga Ga is in the papers todey wearing what I’d term ‘Hot Pants’so it seems they may be becoming in vogue. I saw girls at this Summer’s Carnival wearing pants so tight their ass cheeks touched. Hopefully more girls will wear them next Spring!

    Back to this amazing shot, I’ll bet most Guys are thinking “Will she. Won’t she?” We saw some great rear ‘opened butthole’ shots in last year’s ‘Cowhide’ sequence and later in the Kardashian series. My own wish was they could have been clearer/sharper to view. We have to make allowances for the lens steaming over! The new photography is so sharp you can almost touch the denim which conceals many hidden pleasures!

  2. There may even be a twist in this story? Perhaps there’s lycra under there between the butt? A bit like one of those Russian Dolls?

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