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  1. Is the object of this particular game to pluck the candy from the small of your back without any sort of physical contact? Or, at least, without you knowing we have taken it? Mmmmmm, interesting challenge. Twenty, maybe thirty, years ago, I would have accepted it with any hesitation. Now, I am not so sure. Still, it would be fun to at least make an attempt.

  2. That surely defies the laws of gravity? If it’s sticky enough to stick, why doesn’t it melt? I’ve a suspicion a little glue may have been applied?

    Thanks for another awesome rear view. I do feel like we could stick it in further. The warmth between the arse cheeks will surely help to melt it and create a beautiful mess!

  3. My guess is that it’s got one of those ‘smartie-like’ coatings.. also that it’s just balanced/nestling in the arch of her back…but we’re deceived by the camera angle i suspect, as her upper back looks tiny and her butt (spectacular as ever, nevertheless and always a joy to see) looks almost ‘kardashian-like’…my challenge would be to see whether u could flick (or roll) the candy, from where it is and without using your hands, into your mouth. A further request of course, would be for you to then share the pics or video…the camera angle used here would be just perfect, perhaps complimented by additional angles from the front! Don’t ask for much, do I?! xx

    1. Wow n wouldn’t we wanna see that! And a slightly darker milk ball would come out! Don’r ash for much, do we? This is the type of homework I enjoy, Ron!

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