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  1. Has to be the smallest bikini on Earth, let alone California. Definitely not beach legal unless you’re a Moth. Joyce, you’ll never get away with it on an LA LA land beach!

    This photograph is a showstopper! It’s given me back my zest for life!

    Still don’t know what it is but at least it’s protection for your butthole.

    I like the shot so much I’m about to blow it up to poster my bedroom! ?

    1. ‘Definitely not beach legal unless you’re a moth’ is one of the funniest things i ever read or heard…either as a moth, or human

      1. Ta Ronnie. Appreciate your ken sense of humour & the compliment on my jocularity. I’d have to be a strong Moth to take that to the beach!

  2. Fits so perfectly. So symmetrical, it may as well be customised to buttfit.We did see a brief M&M fit earlier in the year though nothing so bold as this is a series full of surprises and if this is a finale, it’s very fitting! Fitting? Get it??

    Fingers crossed for an encore! ?

  3. This close up gave me an excuse to put the said object under the microscope.

    Eureka! Of course – a lucky little acorn! Hope I’m right?

      1. Sounds delicious! Quite nutritious. Home made or from Store? I’d love to chew one even if it’d been up your smelly bottom with a fart of two!

        Hope the set doesn’t end just yet & you show how to enjoy eating one. I’ve said quite a bit, but hope we’ll get to see other interesting strange items. The fruit/veggie stuff last year was great. This little thing has a certain intrigue too!

  4. I’ve been viewing your work on a 50″ screen via Chromecast for some time. Every new photo has been crispy clear, not ever losing pixelation however much I enlarge it. Chromecast also has the added benefit of allowing me to see 2 photos simultaneously. It’s a great way to see the photos.

    Guessing where you were hiding an object is great fun & would fool any Customs Officer. Hope you had fun too maintaining the clench for a photo or many.

    Would love to know whether you or your Photographer stuck it between the cheeks ? Another mystery! Please tell us!

  5. Would be nice to see a similar shoot with you modelling a pair of your boots. Adding a strip of lycra between the butt would add to the excitement before peeling the lycra off to reveal a mystery item concealed underneath. A wafer thin biscuit will be nice if it can be clenched or perhaps a non edible item?

    Thanks for not censoring comments.

    I’d like to ask fellow Fans what they think could plausibly wedge between those glutes? Any ideas, Guys?

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