7 Replies to “Jean shorts 15”

  1. Omg there’s the mysterious little orb again? What can this artefact be? Too minute to metamorphosise into a chicken and from this view obviously not a Billiard ball?

    1. Perhaps I’m naive, but I’ve just blown the shot up to 400 but remain at a loss to describe it. Perhaps it’s an Australian grub & you’ll eat it?….. or maybe you’ve been hiding it somewhere??

      Going back over the week’s photos & studying your facial expression should help solve this mystery!

      Sooner or later the penny will drop!

  2. A clue may be a closer look! May be one or two clues? Call in Forensics! This suspect is known to have purchased Bananas, Cucumbers & other fruit/veg to tedious to mention for uses beyond our remit. Could we be looking at some other nameless fruit here?

  3. Thank you for giving us a good look at whatever ‘it’ is! If my suspicions are confirmed, this is an exciting prospect for the site. I’m hoping this series will continue a little longer!

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