4 Replies to “Jean shorts 13”

  1. Fine floor shot.

    Your Photographer has shown a real energy in this shoot, unseen since gorgeous Cee J bared her mature butt last year.

    Butt shots, including ass wriggling in the shorts (which I hope you may continue should you model thongs), full frontals while beginning the shoot partially nude with model being topless, good facials, overall proving strip & tease!

    May I politely ask what’s in your right hand- an unripe Tomato or DIY camera remote control?

      1. I somehow imagined there’s more going on within the shorts than meets the eye. Interacting with a prop or person augments a shoot, adds intrigue, making it less one dimensional.

        It just gets more interesting. Fascinating!

  2. Even though I enjoy seeing you au naturel, I must say you have the most exquisite innie I have ever seen. Magnificent.

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