2 Replies to “Chocolate mess 4”

  1. I like the sticky fingers. Hands and fingers always indicate activity and animate a set, be they holding a mini malted milk ball or sticky with pussy Cumy. Perhaps the idea could be more explored in the New year with such? :

    1: Sticky jam- a panoramic shoot where you open a new pot of Jam for just a taste yet end up with more on the body.

    2: Paleface – I seem to recall you wearing a Squaws Headress a while back? And face/body painting episode of a Native American Indian girl could enable some Awsome poses front and rear.

    3: The 3rd option may be slightly more ambitious but nonetheless plausible – an almost entirely rear shoot where youve already dipped the hands in jam/bodypaint and place them on the hips and buttocks. Further to this, you could sit on a sheet of paper to decrease the impact of stickiness ?

    Just a couple of ideas from my evolving fertile mind.

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