4 Replies to “Chocolate mess 1”

  1. I appreciate shots of BZ in clothing- kinda makes me like her nude/bikini work even more. That’s not to say clothes can’t be s*xy- they can! Many are designed to accentuate the female form.If we saw you naked 24/7 that may be overkill.

    I challenge anyone to gobble a chocolate croissant without getting messy. Talking of which, even I’m getting a bit sticky right now.

    1. Looks like there’ll be more on her face and body by the time it’s finished. I imagine the BZ must have belched at least once during the gastronomy – would be tricky not to. Maybe have a nice cool juice to wash it down.

      Would be a good to see a new lycra shoot where we begin with you fully clothed measuring & cutting the material to fit in nicely between your ass crack. Such a series could unfold and be nice to return to occasionally with a variety of wicked poses.

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