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  1. “Where’s Tiny Santa?”
    A BC story for Christmas!

    As Christmas Dy approaches the Bikini Czar is at home tidying ready for the family visit.

    “Ah, ” she says, ” that’s the cake nearly completed .” She scratches her head. ” Now where did I put that tiny Santa cake decoration? The cake won’t be complete without it.”

    In her customary suspenders attached to a red Tear drop bikini thong, a search for illusive little Santa begins.

    “Wonder if he’s on the Mantelpiece? ” We go into the lounge but no Santa.

    “How’s about the car?” We follow the BC in her very tight red Tear drop bikini bottoms to the car. Joyce has a good look along the dashboard but no Santa.

    At this stage the Red teardrop is clearly irritating the BC during her plight. She gives the bottoms a pull in order to loosen the grip on her waist. Her public region as always, very close shaven.

    “Ah”, she sighs, “this is becoming a fools errand. If I don’t find Santa soon I’ll never get everything done! ”

    She sits down for a break. “There is one place I haven’t looked? ”

    Getting up, the BC drops her red teardrop thongs exposing that delicious butt we all know and love.

    A smiley little porcelain Santa peeps out from between the deepness of the BC’S ass crack. He’d obviously had a whale of a time covering the gateway to the BC’s asshole.

    “I thought so! ” exclaims the BC gently placing a delicate hand to withdraw little Santa from the confines of her butt.

    She holds little Santa close to her eye level “Naughty Little Santa. Now you’re going where you belong – back on the Christmas cake! “

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