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  1. Hope the new shots are being received well? They are classy, sophisticated, well chosen images showing holistic facial/body aesthetics. The new photography is evolving into something special.What is lacking in quantity is made up by the superior quality.

    Hope you’ll like a couple of ideas for future shoots:

    1: Cake (The BC, like Nikki, tries to enjoy a cream cake but gets more on her person than in her mouth.)

    2:Bum painting (the BC dips her bottom into a paint dish, then sits upon a sheet of paper, leaving a print of her posterior. A trifle messy, perhaps but fun & the prints could be sold later.)

    3: Gag (A soft Tennis ball is attached to an elastic band or string prior to being used as a mock necklace & possibly a mouth gag.)

    Just food for thought with a view for possible fruition. More to follow.

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