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  1. Your work seems far less pornographic than it used to be, & seeing your clearly shaven pussy, as we are here, has become a rare sight. Oldecam’s work gradually evolved to a point where you did some explicit work; we even got a glimpse of your arsehole.

    I know it’s impossible to bring back an era, but I hope we get some of those times again.

    1. I’m not saying the new stuff isn’t daring; all Joyce’s photos are original, in a league of their own.

      By mentioning this , I’m showing my appreciation for the harder stuff. It’s what makes it all worthwhile, & why we love anticipating what’ll be done next.

      I understand the announcement of the new site last September was all about having scope for harder content we all love. It sounded very ambitious. Shame it fell through. I very much hope a more realistic plan for other content may surface in the future?

  2. How’s this for a theme?: ‘Jam’- a shoot involving 2 props- you, and a tub of jam.
    You dip a finger into the sticky stuff for a little taste, sucking your thumb as dip in another.

    While enjoying the jam, you smear a line or 2 on your face, trying to lick it off extending your tongue to your cheek. Frustrated , you get a bit angry, snarling at the jam jar.

    You then wipe the mess from your face with a tissue, and ‘accidentally’ sit on the tissue, telling us “Look!”as we see it stuck to your bottom.


    I think this series, if realised, could have a few captions to enhance the photographic story, potentially have some awesome close ups, including facial expressions.
    Above all, it would be entertaining.

    Maybe see what your Photographer thinks?

  3. How about if we accept the gift that Joyce if giving us. If she wanted to she could just pull the page completely. I truly hope it never comes to that though. What ever Joyce chooses to post is a privilege for us and not a right.

    1. 😊 Thanks for putting me right. She has, however, requested Fan input, even requested our ideas in the past. I think she takes it on board & enjoys making her site a more interactive medium.

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