4 Replies to “Backwards top 9”

  1. I have few doubts left we don’t have a new Photographer. Every shot has a style of it’s own – 1 such observation being we now see more of the subject in frame and very much using the camera from all directions.

    He/she is doing a fine job. I don’t think I can ask for more.

    1. The new photography speaks like a novel with climaxes, anti climaxes & other surprises along the way.

      The ‘Jeans shorts ‘ set was a sort of murder/mystery, There then came a twist developing into a crime scene where we found a malted milk ball inserted between the suspects ass cheeks.

      This set concerns a naive girl who tried putting a top on properly yet doesn’t appear to realise it—- yet!

  2. I really like how you are giving us small bites, and little peeks, so we can savor what we hope will be a fantastic reveal.

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