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  1. A little scenario/story I was writing- short n sweet similar to the intrigue of a Mini Movie! Thought Fans may want to read it? It’s called

    ‘BC comes to Essax.’

    A steamy hot sultry Summer in West Essax & 2 women serve folk in a Town Bakery when a stunning girl of Oriental extraction walks to the counter only in a skimpy thong.

  2. Continues

    “What are those”? she asks nodding at the iced pastries within the glass cabinet. Her voice clearly not English- possible American?

    The prudish, but polite store woman replies ” They’re called Belgian Buns.”

  3. Continues

    “I’ll take 2, ” replies the Bikini clad woman, handing over a $5 bill. “Thanks,” she turns and leaves the store, showing the tightly fitted red thong squinting between her square cheeks as she walked. She heads upwards into the rolling hills and forests!

    The 2 English women raise their eyebrows at the unexpected display of brazen semi nudity. ” She’s using American money!” exclaims one. “Does she realise where she is? Maybe that Naked Bike Ride?”

  4. Continues

    – half a year later: the same town was an unrecognised place- cold, wet and inhospitable to the the most conservative bikini.

    The same Bakery, with the 2 English women were chatting “What happened to the American girl in the Bikini?” “I wonder if she’ll come this Summer? I think she may be the Bikini Czar “

    1. My apologies for posting my story disjointed in segments; this was due to problems posting due to ‘key words ‘. Feel free to marry it up if you wish.

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