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  1. It’s been a while since I made a donation. Now I’m so impressed that I’m considering donating on a more regular basis. It would be nice if more Fans would consider donating, even as a Seasonal gesture?

    With Christmas coming up, a donation, however small, will be appreciated by the BZ and fab newfound Photographer and hopefully inspire other projects. One such idea that comes to mind would be utilise the seemingly redundant ‘ Mobi’ page for a possible Christmas/ New Year special, even if it involved an album or 2 of archive material not seen.

    1. I liked the BZ Comics Artwork, Graphics along with it’s narration & this could be a suitable candidate to appear on Mobi.

      Short lived as they may have been, the BZ Comics & ‘Adventures Of Bikini Czar’ were surreal & erotic on many levels and the fact they germinated yet never really blossomed into fruition, may ironically, have added to my continuing fascination with them?

      Whatever else people may think, a lot of thought & planning was clearly given & they are an integral part of BZs history.

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