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  1. Orange. ?

    It’s steaming hot in Southern California and the Bikini Czar is slicing an Orange into 6 slices.

    “Boy, am I thirsty “, she says putting one slice into her mouth. Sucking the fruit does get her lips sticky so she gets a tissue and dries her lips.

    “My bottom’s so dry & thirsty as well but I can’t give it an Orange – too sticky !”

    Despite the sticky issue, her cameraman places an Orange slice between the Glute muscles and it feels great, fitting perfectly.

    “How’s that? ” asks her Photographer.

    “Cool, ” answers the BZ. “But I must remove it for a snack and wipe clean my butt now! ” ?

  2. ‘Squeezy Oranges’ – part two in my Orange Art Studies Trilogy.

    In our previous episode we saw 1/6 of a sliced Orange wedging between the BZs preciously soft butt. Her Photographer wants to remove it yet for some unknown reason the BZ is reticent.

    We see the slice, boldly where ‘no Orange slice has gone before ‘, gleaming bright Orangey /red skin and crescent moon . This is a lucky Orange!

    “Joyce, if we don’t remove it before long, it can get wedged , ” emphasises the Photographer. “You could end up at the Hospital with an Orange slice up your Butt. How embarrassing’s that !?

    Keeping her peace, we see the BZ altering the shape of her bottom by squinting, swerving, pushing & pulling, all the time holding the Orange slice. The BZs bottom is quite sticky!

    1. continued:-

      The Photographer grabs a pair of tweezers “It’s pulling in deeper! Should I try & get it, Joyce?”

      “Get a cup!” exclaims the BZ.

      We see a cup directly held below the BZs Butt as the Orange juice trickles in.

  3. Overcome with anger, BZ seems more stable “I wantedgive you a beverage also!”

    “Thanks, Joyce- was delicious, ” replies the Photographer. “I must purchase an Grapefruit Squeezer!”

  4. Sorry second story is disjointed in 3 parts. “The word ‘B*Y’ isn’t allowed to be posted for some reason? Took me over an hour to suss it! Had to use ‘PURCHASE’ instead.

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